Thursday, September 27, 2018

Excavation Work Of The Mass Grave At Mannar Temporarily Halted-Bone Parts Of Around 141 Bodies Recovered

The excavation work  of the Mass Grave
at the demolished old CWE (Sathosa) building site at Mannnar has been temporarily halted from 21 st of September due to weather condition it has been revealed.

Bone parts of around 141 unidentified bodies have been recovered from the grave and out of them Bone parts of 135 Bodies have been removed through excavations it has been revealed.

The recovered bone parts have been sealed and stored at Mannar Magistrate Court complex according to reports.

The excavations of Mass Grave are due to be resumed from 01st of October according to the authorities.

The Mass Grave has been recovered  after recovering of bone parts from the Soil removed from demolished Old CWE Building site at Mannar transported  to Emil Nagar on 26th of March.

Earlier there were plans to send the recovered bone parts to a Lab in Califirnia ,USA for a  carbon test .

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