Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ten Students Attached To South Eastern University Had Begun A "Satyagraha" Campaign In Colombo

Around 10 students attached to the South Eastern University in Oluvil had begun a continuous "Satyagraha" campaign in front of the Lipton Circus in Colombo this evening (18)against the University Authorities decision to abolish the studentship of 04 students attached to the Technology Faculty of the University and imposing  a Class ban on 17 students of the same faculty.

The group of students begun 'Satyagraha" campaign in front of the Lipton Circus after the Police prevented a group of South Eastern University students conducted a protest march from Vihara Mahadevi Park in Colombo to University Grants Commission building in Ward Place,Colombo from entering Ward Place by closing the road.

A heated argument erupted betweeb the protested students and Police after Police closed the Ward Place temporarily.The protesters had demanded a meeting with The Minister of Higher Education Wijedasa Rajapakshe to discuss on their demand it has been reported.

A heavy traffic had been reported in.and around Ward Place this evening following the closure of the road 

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