Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Riot Police Have Arrived To Control The Tense Situation In Maskeliya Pradeshiya Sabha Meeting

Image result for maskeliya pradeshiya sabhaRiot Police have been called  to control the tense situation occurred in Maskeliya Pradeshiya Sabha(Council) during the electing of it's new chairman and deputy chairman today(28).

The tense situation occurred  when the supporters of UNP MP Palani Digambaram had accused that a female UNP Member elected to the Pradeshiya Sabha was not attended the voting today  as an  opposition group hiding her to prevent her from attending the event.

As a result of the accusation,a group had thrown stones to the Pradeshiya Sabha building and to the Police given protection to the place it has been reported.

The tense situation occurred when a female candidate representing Ceylon Workers Congress supporting Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna(SLPP) lead by former president Mahinda Rajapakshe ,has been elected without a constest  to the eight member Maskeliya Pradeshiya Sabha.

Riot Police arrived at the scene had control the tense situation.

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