Friday, March 30, 2018

Appreciation :Departure Of Two Humble Human Beings-A Veteran Journalist And A Doctor

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Chandrasiri Dodangoda
Veteran Journalist And Former Feature Editor of "Sunday Divaina' Newspaper Chandrasiri Dodangoda and Senior Medical Consultant Dr.Ariyasena .U.Gamage had passed away this week after prolonging illness .

 Both were humble human beings who were always helping others during their careers with good human Qualities.Veteran Journalist and Former Feature Editor Chandrasiri Dodangoda was 66 years old at the time of his death and also edited the popular Cinema Magazine of Sunday Divaina ,"Meewitha "Tabloid,He was also an author of many popular novels in Sri Lanka including "Mage Sanda Oba " and "Bashmavashesha" .His funeral was taken place at Eldeniya Cemetery in Kadawatha last evening(29).
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Dr.Ariyasena .U.Gamage was another humble human being who was keen to educate the Society on non communicable diseases especially Diabetes.He wrote  popular books like "Diayawediyawa Mata Dan Suwai " and "Rajek Unath Ledek Unoth"  and also  involved in educating others on Cancer which he too was  suffering at the time of his sudden death.

May they attain supreme bliss of nibbana.

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