Friday, February 23, 2018

Most Senior UN Resident Co-Ordinator In Sri Lanka Ms.Una Mccauley Has Passed Away After Brief Illness

The United Nations Resident co-ordinator and 
Resident representative of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)to Sri Lanka  Ms.Una Mccauley had passed away last night (23) suddenly following a brief illness at the age of 54 United Nations Office in Colombo,Sri Lanka has announced.

Ms.Mccauley who was the most senior United Nations Official in Sri Lanka and first Female United Nations  Resident co-ordinator in the country was on medical leave to undergo a treatment for her illness.

Issuing a statement regarding the sudden death of Ms.Mccauley ,The United Nations Office in Colombo Ms.Mccauley was a bold,inspring and strong leader as she led the United Nations country team of 21 resident and non resident United Nations agencies and acted as the representative of the United Nations Secretary General in Sri Lanka.

She was a passionate and caring human being dedicated her life to serve people of the world the statement according to the statement.She was serving in Sri Lanka for six years.

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