Wednesday, December 20, 2017

There Is A Link Between Sri Lankan Tea Ban Imposed By Russia And Lifting The Ban Of Using Asbestos-Minister Navin Dissanayake

There is a link between the lifting of the  ban 
temporarily which scheduled to be imposed on using of Asbestos Sheets with effect from 01st of January 2018 and the Tea ban imposed on Sri Lanka by Russia according to an unofficial reports the Minister of Plantations Navin Dissanayake has stated today (20).

Russia is the main buyer of Sri Lankan Tea and Sri Lanka imports Asbestos raw materials mainly from Russia the Minister has stated during a Cabinet press briefing held in Colombo today.

However a team lead by Minister of Science, Technology and Research Susil Premjayantha due to leave Russia shortly to inspect the hygiene of the white Asbestos products in Russia he has stressed.

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