Saturday, April 22, 2017

Search Operations To Findout The Missing Persons Of Meethotamulle Tragady Enters The Tenth Day

Search operations to find out those who went missing
due to the Meethotamulle Garbage Dump Collapse still continues as it enters the 10th day tomorrow (23)according to the authorities.

From 14th of April the day the Meethotamulle Garbage Dump Collapse occurred uptodate 33 dead bodies were recovered under the rubble of the disaster struck area.

Although dumping of Garbage Collected in Colombo to Meethotamulle Garbage Dump had been stalled after the collapse authorities still not able to raise their voices on  building  a Garbage Recycling center here like in most of the countries.Instead of that they are (Authorities)still trying to dump city garbage to garbage dumps in residential areas.

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