Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Eight Catagories Belonging To Para Medical Service To Launch An Island Wide Token Strike Tomorrow (30)

Eight catagories belonging to para medical service are due to launch an Island Wide one day token strike
from 8 a.m tomorrow (30) to 8.a.m next day (01) by demanding solutions for five of their service demands according to the Joint Trade Union Alliance Of Para Medical Services.

Eight Catagories belonging to the para medical service including Government entamalogy officers,public health inspectors ,EEG/ECG  Technicians and public health laboratory technicians will be participating in  this strike according to the media spokesman of the Joint Trade Union Alliance Najith Sumanasena.

A group of strikers are due to conduct a protest campaign in front of the Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine in Colombo tomorrow noon he has stressed.

The eight para medical services personal are due to launch the island wide token strike tomorrow by demanding solutions to five of their service demands including stop providing sceintific facts belonging to their diploma courses for other catagories and stop recruiting dispensers for the para medical service.

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