Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Large Number Of Persons Dying Annually Due To Poisioning Of Antibiotics Than Those Dying From Cancers

Globally a large number of persons dying annually
due to poisioning of Antibiotic drugs than those dying due to cancers according to the Microbiologist Dr.Kusalani Jayalath.

Even in Sri Lanka a large number of patients admitted to hospitals due to taking Antibiotics without a doctor's prescription and some of these cases are fatal she has stressed while addressing a media briefing held today (29) at Health Education Bureau on 'Antibiotic Resistance".

People must realize that Antibiotics  should be used according to a prescription of a recognized doctor and Antibiotcs are only prescribed for bacterial infections not the viral infections including common,cold,cough and fever she has stated.

Addressing the media briefing Consultant Physician Dr.Priyankara Jayawardena has said that Doctors are the only ones who can prescribe Antibiotics to a patient and unfortunatly a large number of pharmacists especially in  private pharmacies are trying to recommend the patients what kind of Antibiotic they should purchase .

"If a pharmacist recomends Antibiotic to a patient it is illegal and in such circumstances the licence of that pharmacist is liable to be cancelled Dr.Jayawardena has stressed.

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