Thursday, March 31, 2016

Colombo Crimes Division Has Informed The Colombo Court One Kidney Each Of Six Indian Nationals Arrested Recently Were Removed

Image result for kidney racketThe Colombo Crimes Division has today(01) informed the Colombo Magistrate Court  that one kidney each of six out of the eight Indian Nationals who were arrested recently at Wellawatta (In Colombo) were removed based on Colombo Chief Judicial Medical Officers medical report.

The eight Indian Nationals were arrested by the Colombo Crimes Division on 04th of March at a guest house in wellawatta on suspicion of involved in alleged Kidney Transplant Racket operated between Sri Lanka and India and for staying in Sri Lanka by violating visa procedures.

The suspected Indian Nationals have been produced before Colombo Magistrate Court this morning and the Court has been informed by the Colombo Crimes Division that more than 286 documents were found in possession of the suspected Indian Nationals and investigations on them are being carried out through Interpol.

The Colombo Additional Magistrate has ordered the suspected to be under detention until 04th of April.

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