Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sri Lanka To Completely Stop Mother To Child Transmission Of HIV Virus At The End Of Next Year

Sri Lanka plans to completely stop Mother to
Child transmission of HIV/AIDS Virus by the end of next year according to the Consultant Venereologist attached to National STD/AIDS Campaign Dr.Lilani Rajapakshe.

The First HIV  Positive Case on Mother to Child transmission  has been reported  in Sri Lanka 1994 and that year 78 such infant HIV Positives had been Reported.Since then up to last year(2015) around 100 Mother to Child transmission HIV Positives estimated as living in the country Dr.Rajapakshe has stated.

During last year seven new infants born to HIV Positive mother's have been reported and this year only two such cases reported she has stressed.

Last year alone National STD/AIDS Control Programme has treated sixteen HIV Infected pregnant mother's and as a result they managed to deliver their babies free from HIV Virus Dr.Rajapakshe has revealed

Altogether STD Campaign so far treated sixty seven HIV Infected mother's and managed to keep their babies free from HIV Virus she has added.

Addressing a media seminar held today(22) at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo on World AIDS Day Dr.Rajapakshe has stated that by performing  HIV Test for  every pregnant mother in the country Sri Lanka will completely stop Mother to Child transmission of HIV Virus at the end of next year

Now that target has been  reached around 96 percent she has stated.

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