Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DCD And Botulinum Bacteria Scare Among Imported Milk Powder Products To Sri Lanka Still There-GMOA

Health Ministry Officials should have explained  to the public that how can they ruled out  DCD Chemical is not contained in   imported milk powder products  available at the market Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) has said.No matter what health offcials are saying DCD and Chlostredium Botulinum Bacteria  contained Milk Powder products are still selling in the market  the media spokesman of GMOA Dr.Naveen De Soyza has said.

As experts have predicted DCD chemical is not only entered to the Milk Powder  through adding it to the grass that cow's  are eating but also through the adding  that chemical to the milk powder after importing it Dr.Soyza has revealed." Foreign Milk Powder Manufacturers are adding DCD Chemical to their milk powder products just to show that there's more  protein in their products after the  protein level has been reduced due to the removing of Whey Protein Compound in Cow's Milk " he has stressed.

So due to this how can Health Ministry Officials can hide the truth by stating that imported Milk Powder Products arrived Sri Lanka after 01st of June are not contained with DCD Chemical Dr.Soyza has said.

Some Ministry Officials have shown that they are  ten times more active when they have announced all Whey Protein contained imported Milk Powder Products available in the  local market have not contained Botulinum Bacteria than the time they taken the decision to ban issuing of whey protein contained milk powder to the  market he has further added.

Health Ministry should have  act in more responsible way when dealing with contaminated food issues as it's directly linked to the consumer dr.soyza said.

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