Thursday, June 18, 2009

Total Number Of Swine Flu Patients In Sri Lanka Increased To Four

The total number of Sri lankan Swine Flu Patients are increased to Four this evening after another Two were confirmed as suffering from the Flu after getting tested.These new patients aged Two and half years and Seven Years are the relatives of the first Two patients that are reported earlier and they were all came to Sri Lanka from Australia on last Sunday.

Their Conditions are not serious according to the Director of the Fever Hospital Dr.Aruna Senanayake.

All four Swine Flu Patients are now admitted to the IDH Fever Hospital for treatment and blood samples of another Three relatives of these patients are testing for Swine Flu at the Medical Research Institute in Colombo.

Meanwhile Sri Lankan Ministry of health decided to make guidelines on Swine Flu on Treating the Patients and how to handle the people who are in closely touch with the Swine Flu Patients with help of World Health Organization.

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