Saturday, January 11, 2020

Government Analyst's Department Has Begun An Investigations On Controversial Audio Clips Belonging To MP Ramanayake

Government Analyst Department has
begun an investigations on controversial audio clips belonging to MP Ranjan Ramanayake which are circulated in social media networks ,accordance to a court order.

Colombo Crimes division(CCD)  had  handed over the Compact dicss(CD'including   so called telephone conversations which were recovered from MP Ramanayaka's official residence in Madiwela. CCD had also handed over the unlicensed pistol and bullets recovered from MP's house to rhe Governmenr Analyst.

Government Analyst's Department is scheduled to be handed over a detailed report on the CD"s , unlicensed Pistol and bullets revovered from MP Ramanayaka's  residence to the court .

Meanwhile it has been revealed that a  state minister in Kandy District of the present government was behind the steeling and releasing of the audio clips containing in CD"s belonging to MP Ramanayake .

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