Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Another Protest March Conducted By Inter University Students Federation Has Created Heavy Traffic

Due to the protest march conducted by  University Students
attached to the Inter University Students Federation a heavy traffic has been created in Town hall and Lotus Roundabout in Colombo fort this evening(06).

The protest march which begun in front of Institute of Aesthatic studies in Colombo had marched towards Presidential secretariat in Colombo Fort by demanding to release University students who are in remand  over ragging incidents and lifting class ban imposed over another group of university students over rhe same charge.

Today police have used a Female Riot police Squad to control the students protest ,However student protesters have managed to pushed them back and reached towards police barricades at Lotus road it has been reported.

Later the Protesters had suspended the protest after the discussions held with an additional secretary of the Presidential Secretariat.

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