Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Person Was Arrested With Illegally Imported Japanese Jeep

Police officers attached to Anti
corruption Unit of Walana have yesterday (20)arrested a 38 year old person who had stolen a Toyota V-8 Jeep from Japan and illegally imported it to Sri Lanka at Wewelduwa in Kelaniya.

The Sphare parts of the Jeep had been illegally imported to Sri Lanka from Japan and they were assembled here by the suspect it has been revealed.

The Jeep was also taken in to custody by the police.

The market value of the Jeep is around Rs.40 million and it was not registered at the Motor Car Drpartment according to police.

The suspect who is a resident of Thambigasmulla in Kiribathgoda is due to be produced before the Mahara Magistrate court .

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