Saturday, February 2, 2019

Five Slovakian Nationals Had Been Arrested With Thousands Of Varieties Of Endangered Species And Tree Parts Collected From.Sinharaja Forest

Forest Conservation Officers have this
morning  (02)arrested 05 Slovakian Nationals with 1000 varieties of Sri Lankan Endangered Species ,Tree and Animal parts and seeds collected illegally  from Sinharaja Forest reserve  in their possession Whilst attempting to move  out from the forest .

Among the Varieties of Endangered species taken in to custody in possession of the suspects were three varieties of Endangered Butterflies ,Scorpions and Wasps according to Forest Conservation Department.

The 05 Slovakian Nationals Had arrived in Sri Lanka recently and entered the SinhaRaja Forest reserve by purchasing tickets and resided in a lodge nearby it has been revealed.

When the suspects have refused to get a service of a Tourist Guide at the entry of the forest reserve ,Forest Conservation Officers have paid  special attention  towards them and inspected their movements it has been reported.

The five suspects have collected live animals as well as dead animals for their collection and when inquired they have told the officers that they have collected those as a hobby.

The varities  of Species and Tree parts taken in to custody had been taken to the Forest Conservation Department for inspection and the Department is expecting to question the suspects under detention  orders.

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