Monday, February 11, 2019

Agriculture Department Has Announced The "Ending Of Sena" Caterpillar -Environmentalists Have Deny Iit

The Department Of Agriculture has recently announced  that the "Sena" Caterpillar which destroyed  the most of the "Maize " cultivation in the  country has now successfully controlled .

However local Environmentalists have stated that the "Sena  " Caterpillar threat is still there and theirs  a great risk of spreading  "Sena " Caterpillar in local  cultivation's during next May to November .

Meanwhile it has been decided to cultivate "Maize "  within first two weeks of may the yala seasoi SAEASON beginning from 01st of May during a meeting held at Agriculture Department yesterday ( 10)to  discuss on controlling "Sena "Caterpillar.

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