Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Riot Police Fired Water Cannons And Launched A Batton Attack To Prevent Estate Workers From Marching Towards Presidential Secretariet

Riot Police have fired water cannons
and put a Batton assault to prevent the Protesting Estate Workers in Galle Face Grounds by marching towards Presidential Secretariet this evening  (24).

The Protesting Estate Workers who are Protesting in the grounds since this morning by demanding to increase their daily wages to Rs.1000 ,are still Protesting Infront of Presidential Secretariet in Colombo Fort amidst rain  it has been reported.

Due to the Protest the entry road to Galle Face Road is being completely blocked according to reports. The Entry Road to Galle Face Road had been closed down from Lotus Road this morning as a result of the Protest.

Around 1000 Estate workers mainly youth had begun the protest march from Colombo Fort Railway station this morning and reached the Galle Face grounds .

Police have blocked the entry to Presidential Secretariet by using road barricades.

Meanwhile shops in Sea Street and Pettah have supported the protest of Estate Workers by hoisting black flags in their shops.

A protest by demanding to increase daily wages of Estate Workers to Rs.1000 held at Hatton today and all the shops in the city had been closed whilest hoisting black flags to support estate workers demand .

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