Monday, October 1, 2018

Two Japanese War Ships Arrived In Sri Lanka On A Goodwill Tour

Two large Japanese War Ships "Kaga"and "Inazuma" have arrived in Colombo Harbor on last Sunday  (30)for a five day goodwill tour .

The Naval crews belonging to  two war ships anchored at Colombo Harbor are due to participate various events including goodwill sports events organized by Sri Lanka Navy during their stay in Sri Lanka.The Naval crews of the Ships are also due to meet Sri Lankan Navy Commander Vice Admiral Sirimewan Ranasinghe.

The two war ships are belonging to Japanese Maritime Self Defence  Force and out of the two ships "Kaga"ship which is the largest War Ship in Japan  is 248 meters long and equipped with four Helicopters which can chase after submarines. The ship has around 400 crew members .

The "Inazuma"Ship is 151 meters long and with 170 crew members.

On the way  Sri Lanka both ships have engaged in Naval exercises with Philippine, Indonesian and British war ships .

The two ships are due to depart from the island on 04th of October.

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