Monday, September 10, 2018

Health Minister Has Instructed The Special Investigations Unit Of The Ministry To Inquire On Fraud And Corruption Activities Of Health Sector

Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne
has  instructed the officials attached to the Special Investigations Unit (Flying Squad)of the Health Ministry to conduct formal inquiries on Fraud ,Corruption and Irregularities in Health sector including Government Hospitals.

Minister has instructed the officials to investigate on Fraud and corruption activities in Central Government and Provincial Council Hospitals and prepare a special programme to conduct such inquiries  .Also the officials should investigate to find out  whether the  programmes implemented in Government Hospitals on  issuing StentS and Cataract Lenses to the patients free of charge are functioning properly and inquire on Doctors involved in engaging private practice during duty hours as well as irregularories .

Facilities will be provided to carry out these investigations Minister has stressed during a meeting held recently at the Health Ministry regarding the activities of Special Investigations Unit of the Ministry.

Officials attached to the Special Investigations Unit had informed the Health Minister that those who are charged over fraud and corruption in Health Sector attempting to disrupt inquiries conducted against them .

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