Saturday, August 18, 2018

Transport Ministry To Increase Train Fares By 15 Percent

The Ministry Of Transport is set to

increase the Train fares and Train Season Fare by 15 percent with effect from 01st of October this year according to the Ministry sources.

The Train fare and Train Season fare with be increased as per the recommendation of the five member committee appointed by the General Manager of Sri Lanka Railways Department to look in to revising of Train fares.

The Train fares had been last increased in 2008.

The proposal on increasing the Train Fare and Train Season fare by 15 percent has already been received by the Transport Ministry from Railways Department and the proposal is due to be submitted to the Transport Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva for approval it has been revealed.

Under the recommendations of the five member committee  the mimimum train fare of Rs.10  will not be increased. However the number of Kilo meters can travel from Rs.10 fare will be reduced to 07 Kilo Meters from 10 Kilo Meters.

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