Friday, August 17, 2018

A Motorcyclist And A Female Pedestrian Were Killed Due To A Road Accident

A Motorcyclist and a female pedestrian
were killed after a Motorcycle crashed in to a wall belonging to a Private Medical.Institute and colliding with a Pedestrian  female crossing the road at that time at Palawatte area on Madam pe -Kuliyapitiya  main road last night (16).

The critically injured Motorcyclists and the female had succumbed to their injuries on admission to Chilaw Base Hospital.

The Motorcyclist who was a 31 year old resident of Palawatte area was travelling from Madampe to Kuliyapitiya  at the time of the incident and met with the accident due to his inability to controlling the vehicle .The deceased female waa also a resident of Palawatte area.

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