Monday, April 23, 2018

Fourty Dansala's In Colombo Have Been Registered Up To Now-Colombo Chief MOH

Around 40 Dansala's(Alms giving centers)have been registered in Colombo ,Public Health Department up to today(23) for the forthcoming Wesak  week according to the Chief Medical Officer (MOH)of Colombo Dr.Ruwan Wijemuni.

Addressing a press briefing held today(23)at Health Education Bureau in Colombo Dr.Wijemuni has stated that majority of these Dansala's are rice dansala's numbering 16 and there are noodles,Manioc,Buns and Soup dansala's as well registeted up to now.

The food and liquids prepared by Dansala's should be clean as well as utensils use to prepare them he has stressed.

Public Health Inspectors will monitor these Dansala's during the Wesak period he said.

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