Monday, March 12, 2018

Complaints Are Pouring In To Human Rights Commission Against Blockage Of Social Media Sites And Apps

Complaints are pouring in to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka from some  social
activists,Social Media Site users ,Lawyers,Journalists and Civil Organizations by stating that the temporary blockage of Social Media sites and Apps caused damage to their business and social activities and violated freedom of expression it has been reported.

Some organizations including Young Journalists Association and National Collective of Lawyers Unions had already filed complaints against the Blockage of Social Media Sites and Apps at the Commission,

The Complaints have stated that due to the blockage of Social Media Sites including Facebook,Imo,Instagram and Apps like Whats App and Viber the freedom of expression and right to information guaranteed under the Sri Lankan Constitution have been violated.

However most common people have not opposed the government's move on blocking Social Media Sites and Apps and some says atleast school children will now  realize that there is a real world outside the  imaginary Social Media sites .

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