Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Two Large Size Foot Prints Recovered Near "Sripada"rock Are Recently Made Ones-Department Of Archeology Reveals

The team of Archeologists attached to the Department
of Archeology who investigated over the rock which was recovered in Gardimore estate  near the historical "Sripada"rock recently with two large size foot prints printed on it ,had revealed that the foot prints were made recently and they do not have any Archelogical value.

According to the Director General of Archeology Professor P.B Mandawala these foot prints which are one and half feet long were made by someone recently.

However the estate workers who had recovered the rock with foot prints still worship them by stating that the foot prints belonging to their god Hanumantha.The workers even built huts near the rock and worship the foot prints by using safron water and lime it has been revealed.A large number of people from outststions too arriving in the area to witness the foot prints accordung to the reports.

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