Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Large Land Area Including A "Eucaliptus" Cultivation At A Reserve In Hatton Destroyed Due To A Fire

A large land area with valuable trees
including the cultivation of flowering tree "Eucaliptus" had been destroyed due to a sudden fire erupted in a reserve at Mahaweli, Ruwanpura zone in Hatton early this morning (28) it has been reported.

The cultivation of "Eucaliptus "in the reserve was completely destroyed due to the fire.

A large varieties of endangered species including Rabbits,Deers,Wild Boar,Leoperds and snakes are living in the reserve and the water resources which provides water to the Ruwanpura village also located there it has been revealed.

Authorities believes someone who want to hunt animals may have set the fire in the reserve early this morning.

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