Sunday, November 25, 2018

A 17 Year Old Student Has Died Due To An Assault Of A 15 Year Old Student

A 17 year old student has died as a
result of an assault of another 15 year old student of the same school at  Beruwala  today (25).

The incident occurred when the deceased student who was a prefect of the school and studied in Advanced Level class,had questioned a 15 year old student over wearing the school uniform illegally .As a result the question developed in to a heated argument and then to  a brawl as the 15 year old student has assaulted the deceased student, However later both of them sat for the year end examination.

After the exam prefect student felt sick znd after taking pain killers given by a teacher he has gone to house and fell to sleep.As he didn't get up residents have admitted him to Kalutara Hospital ,Where he was  transferred to Nagoda Hospital and than To Colombo National Hospital for treatment .

Later he was again transferred back to NaGoda Hospital where he has died whilst receiving treatrent at Intensive care unit of the Hospital.

Beruwala Police have arrested the 15 year old student over the death .

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