Saturday, October 6, 2018

Four Persons Had Gone Missing Due To Floods

Four Persons including three females and one male had gone missing as the flood waters had drifted them away at Walallawita Divisional Secretariet Division in Kalutara  and Rathmale ,AgalaWatta areas yesterday (06).

Accordingly three females at Walallawita Divisional Secretariet and a male at Rathmale,AgalaWatta area had drifted away by flood waters .

Police with the help of the villagers are searching to find out the missing.

Meanwhile a person was rescued while drifting away by the flood waters at AgalaWatta yesterday it has been reported.

Almost all main roads and sub roads at Walallawita Divisional  Secretariet have been submerged due to floods it has been reported. 

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