Saturday, September 29, 2018

Two Persons Arrested With A Stock Of Cannabis During A Raid Carried Out At Cannabis Cultivation In Udawalawa Reserve

Police officers attached to Anti
Corruption Control Unit of Walana Police have raided a Cannabis Cultivation land secretly maintained at a 3 acre land area at Udawalawa reserve and arrested two persons along with a stock of dried Cannabis and recovered a  large number of cannabis plants recently.

The two  suspects have been handed over to Hambegamuwa Police for further investigations and the stock of dried Cannabis taken in to custody in possession of the suspects has been destroyed by the Police.

The estimated value  of the stock of Cannabis that was  destroyed is around Rs.3 million according to Police.

The raid was carried out as per the information received by Police regarding a Cannabis Cultivation maintained at Udawalawa Reserve by a person with the help of two others according to reports.

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