Sunday, September 16, 2018

Four Females Were Killed Due To Motor Car-Train Collision

Four females were killed and four
others including three small children  and a male had been injured and hospitalized after the Motor Car they were travelling in colliding with a Jaffna-Matara bound Express Train at pendrikeidakulam area on Vavuniya -Omanthai Railway line this morning(16) while attempting to across the rail track through an unprotected Railway crossing.

The four injured had been admitted to Vavuniya  Hospital for treatment .

The incident had  occurred as the Motor Car was stucked on the rail track as a result  of an engine failure  it has been revealed.

After Collision the Motor Car was dragged away around 250 meters by the train and it veered off the Railway line afterwards.

The four deceased females were residents of Delft Island,Jaffna .

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