Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Programme Had Been Launched To Distribute Highly Nutritious Biscuits Among Estate Children To Combat Malnutrition

A programme on distributing highly nutritious Biscuits "Tikiri Shakthi"among the Estate children of the ages 2-5 years to combat the spreading of Malnutrition amongst them has been launched this morning(01)at Arapolakanda Estate in Thembuwana,Kalutara.

The Highly Nutritious Biscuits which are made by a private Company under the instructions of the Ministry Of Health will be distributed 3 times a week among the Estate Children belonging to the above age group according to the Health Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.

One Biscuit contains a daily nutrition  needed by a child it has been revealed.The sufficiant stocks of this Highly Nutritious Biscuits have been handed over to the Estate Supirintendents to distribute amongst children of the Aralaganpola estate today .

The programme of distributing these Highly Nutritious Biscuits among Estate Children will be expanded to other estates as well Minister Dr.Senaratne has stated while addressing the launching of the programme.These Biscuits should be distributed among all Estate People he has stressed.

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