Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Driver And A Security Officer Arrested Over Robbing Rs.20.24 Million While Transporting Money To Deposit

Bulathsinghala Police have arrested a
Van Driver and a Security Officer over assisting a group of Robbers to steal Rs.20.24 million belonging to a Security firm yesterday (28)while taking the Money to deposit in ATM Machines at Pahala Naragala in Bulathsinghala-Horana area.

The Robbers arrived in from a Jeep covering their faces had thrown chili powder on to the faces of two cashiers who were in the Van transported the Money and stolen cash bags it has been revealed.

The Van driver and  the Security Officer were in the Van at the time of the robbery and others were consuming food at a Caffè during a break according to reports.The Security Officer even not with the gun he usually carrying while transporting Money and the back door of the Van not locked at the time of the incident Police have stated.

The two suspects arrested have been produced before the Mathugama Magistrate Court and  the Court allowed the Police to question the suspects by keeping them under detention.

The Robbers had been  stolen 12 out of the 19 Cash bags in the Van and the Steel Box which carried the bags locked by using normal paddalocks Police have said.The money was transported to two banks in Narahenpita to deposit in ATM.Machines.

 Bulathsinhala Police are conducting an investigations to arrest the Robbers. 

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