Thursday, March 8, 2018

Curfew Imposed In Kandy Was Lifted This Morning And To Be Re-Imposed This Evening-Main Suspect Behind The Violence Was Arrested

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The Curfew which was extended last morning (07) due to few violent incidents in katugasthota and Ambathanne areas in Kandy Administrative area was lifted at 10 a.m this morning (08) and scheduled to be re-imposed at 6 a.m this evening according to Police Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekare.

The re -imposed Curfew in Kandy Administrative area will be lasted until 6 a.m tomorrow(09) and Curfew has been re imposed to keep law and order in Kandy District SP Gunasekare has stated.

Meanwhile during the raids carried out by the  Security forces in Kandy ten persons including the main suspect who was behind the violent activities in several areas at Kandy were arrested it has been revealed.All suspects are outsiders who are not the residents of Kandy sources have said.

It has been reported that the Security Personal were deployed in Welimada area as well last night to prevent any racist activities there.


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