Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A 27 Year Old Youth Was Sentenced To Death Over A Killing Of Another Youth

A 27 year old youth was sentenced to death by the
Vavuniya High Court judge yesterday (30)after found guilty over the killing of a 25 year old youth on 17th of December 2011 at Maharambakulama ,Vavuniya.

The youth was killed during a brawl between two youth groups occurred in Maharambakulama area and Vavuniya Police have arrested three youth regarding the incident.

However the second and third suspects were later released on bail due to lack of evidence against them and the Vavuniya High Court Judge had sentenced the first suspect to death after he was found guilty over the incident.

The youth who was sentenced to death is a resident of Maharambakulama area.The court case was heard in Vavuniya High Court since 02nd of October 2017 as per the advise of Attorney General.

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