Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sri Lankan Cricketers Fallen Sick Due To The Deadly Toxic Smog In New Delhi

Due to the toxic smog in heavily polluted Indian
Capital city New Delhi four Sri Lankan cricketers had experienced breathing difficulties and some had vomitted during the third Test Cricket Match which had commenced in Delhi Cricket stadium yesterday (02) it has been reported.

The four Sri Lankan Cricketers who had expetienced breathing difficulties while fielding were given Oxygen in the dressing room of players according to the Team management.

As the toxic smog in New Delhi arisen during noon session Sri Lankan cricketers had been seen fielding in the ground wearing oxygen masks.

Few Oxygen Cylinders and five doctors were provided to treat Sri Lankan players who felt unconcious due to the smog according to reports.Due to this situation the game was stopped for thirty minutes yesterday,

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