Saturday, August 12, 2017

Two Armed Men Have Been Injured After A Gun Shooting Between Armed Gang And ST.F Personal

Two persons belonging to an Armed gang were injured
and hospitalized after a gun shooting incident occurred between the Armed gang and Special Police Task Force (STF)personal in kurana,Negambo this evening (12).

The two injured Armed gang members one of them critically  had been admitted to the seeduwa hospital for treatment and later they were transfered to the Ragama Teaching Hospital it has been reported.

After the shooting STF personal Had arrested two Armed gang members.

The Armed gang arrived in from two vans have opened fire at a Jeep belonging to the Special Police Task Force (STF)Personal ,however none of the STF Personal in the Jeep  have been  injured in the shooting .

Special Police Task Force Personal have later recovered two T-56 riffles and a revolver inside the two vans the Armed gang arrived in and taken into custody the two vans for an investigation.

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