Thursday, December 21, 2017

Two Persons Arrested Over Stealing 36 Coconuts Were Released On Bail

Image result for court decisionDambulle Magistrate had today(21) released two persons arrested over stealing 36 Coconuts from a Coconut Land in Hombawa,Galewela area ,on personal bails of Rs.200,000 each .

Galewela Police have arrested the two suspects as per a complaint made by the owner of the Coconut Land  who had witnessed the robbery and produced the suspects before the Dambulle Magistrate Court today.

The Police have stated at the Court that the two suspects who are residents of Galewela area had stolen Rs.2700 worth Coconuts from the Coconut Land and they have been nabbed by the Land owner in several other occasions previously  over stealing Coconuts.

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