Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Health Minister To Submit A Cabinet Proposal On Using Newly Introduced "Wolbachia" Bacteria Here To Control The Spreading Of Dengue

Image result for wolbachia bacteria injected aedes aegyptiHealth Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne is due to submit a Cabinet Paper to the Cabinet to get an approval to use the "Wolbachia" Bacteria   discovered by a group of scientists in University Of Monash in Australia to prevent spreading of Dengue Virus   here soon.

Releasing of the  Dengue Mosquito "Aedis Aegypti "  injected with "Wolbachia" Bacteria  in to the environment in view of preventing the spreading of Dengue is currently underway successfully in countries like Australia,Vietnam,Brazil,Indonesia and Colombia according to the Ministry Of Health.

To implement a pilot project in selected areas of the island regarding the releasing of "Wolbachia" Bacteria injected "Aedis Aegypti  "Mosquitoes due to be done with the technical assistance of the Monash University,Australia and the Australian Government is providing Australian Dollars one million for this project the Ministry has stated.

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