Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Two Day Special Dengue Control Programme To Be Implemented In 12 Districts On 18th And 19th Of May

The Dengue Control Unit of the Ministry Of Health has
decided implement another two day special Dengue Control Ptogramme in MOH Areas of 12 districts identified as high risk zones of breeding Dengue Mosquitoes on 18th and 19th of May.

A total number of 1800 teams comprising with health workers and tri force and Police personal are due to visit the high risk MOH areas  of 12 districts identified as Dengue Mosquito breeding places and destroying the Mosquito breeding places.

A legal action will be taken against the owners of premises identified as breeeding Dengue Mosquitoes.

Accotding to the statistics available around 44,623 Dengue patients have been reported from island during January upto now and majority of these patients reported from Colombo,Ratnapura ,Gampaha,Kalutara,Matara Batticaloa ,Trincomalee and Kurunagala districts.around  41.48 percent of these Dengue patients have been reported from Western Province.

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