Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Majority Of Pregnant Mothers In Government Clinics Avoid Taking Full Iron Tablet Course-Dr.Renuka Jayathissa

Image result for anemiaAccording to a latest survey carriedout by the Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indeginous Medicine around 73% of the pregnant mothers who are  attending government hospital maternity clinics avoid consuming 90 tablet Iron Course (Folic Acid) issued free of charge through the clinics in view of preventing Anemia among mothers and new born infants.

Only 27% of the pregnant mothers are  reported as consuming full Iron Tablet Course according to Nutritionist and community physician attached to Medical Research Institute in Colombo Dr.Renuka Jayathissa.

Due to this situation Anemia among pregnant mothers and new born infants in Sri Lanks are on the increase she has stressed.

Addressing a Media Seminar titled "Nutrition in first thousand days of life" held in Health Educatiin Bureau in Colombo  yesterday(13) Dr.jayathissa has stressed that the main cause behind the majority of pregnant mothers avoid essential Iron Tablet Course is lack of awareness among them on the drug course.

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