Friday, October 14, 2016

Gampaha Magistrate Has Issued A Verdict On Rathupaswala Incident By Stating It Is A Crime

Gampaha Magistrate Court has today(14) given a verdict that the Assaulting and killing of three youths during a protest campaign held  in  Rathupaswala Area at Weliweriya (In western province) in the year  2013 is a crime.

The Gampaha Chief Magistrate Kavindya Nanayakkara has issued this verdict when the Rathupaswala Case was taken up for hearing at Gampaha Magistrate Court this morning.

Out of the  three youth who were killed during the protest campaign held at Rathupaswala regarding a drinking water issue  two were killed due to a gun wounds and other was killed after being attacked by an object the Magistrate has stated.

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