Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mental Health Division In Ministry Of Health Begun Mental Counseling Services For Mentally Affected Flood And Landslide Victims

The Mental Health Division of  the Ministry Of Health,Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine has begun mental counseling services for those in displaced camps who are mentally affected badly due to the recent floods and landslides according to the director of Mental Health in the Ministry Dr.Chitramali De Silva.

Addressing a special press conference held at Health Education Bureau in Colombo this morning Dr.Chitramali has stated that most of the flood and landslide victims who lost everything including property are in prone to  mental disorders like depression and mental stress .

 Soon after the floods and landslides which occurred in 22 districts of the country two weeks ago the Mental Health Division of the Health Ministry has given a special training to it's mental health staff on mental health counseling and they have given the counseling services to the mentally affected victims in displaced camps during last two weeks she has stressed.

There are some mentally affected victims residing in displaced camps in floods and landslide hit areas who had lost property and all their belongings,most of the school children in these camps 
are in stress condition as they lost their school books and uniforms Dr.Chitramali has further stated.

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