Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Stoning To Death Sentence Passed For Sri Lankan Maid Over Adultery Charge Has Be

Image result for stoning to deathThe stoning to death sentence passed for Sri Lankan House Maid worked in Saudi Arabia over adultery Charge has been turned to Imprisonment by the Saudi Government Acting Foreign Minister Dr.Harsha De Silva has announced today(23).

The Death Sentence imposed over the Sri Lankan House Maid has been changed following the appeal made by Sri Lankan Government to reduce the punishment.

Following the appeals made by  Sri Lankan Government An Appeals Court in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia has decided to hear the case against  Sri Lankan House Maid again .

The 45 year old Sri Lankan Mother from Colombo Suburbs has been sentenced  stone to death over an adultery charge in last August.After she was found guilty for the charge has been scheduled  stoning to Death .

The Male who got  involved with the Sri Lankan House Maid has been  sentenced to 100 lashes.

The Ministry Of Foreign Employment has hired top lawyers to make an appeal against stoning to death sentence of the  female.

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