Thursday, July 2, 2015

The National Drug Regulatory Authority Was Formed Under The Drug Regulatory Authority Act-Drugs,Cosmetics Devices Authority Was Abolished

The National Drug Regulatory Authority which is monitoring the future drug imports to Sri Lanka mainly through generic name was formed today(02)  under the National Drug Regulatory Authority Policy Act  .After the formation of National Drug Regulatory Authority the National Drugs,Cosmetic and Devices Authority functioned up to date was abolished with effect from today(02) the Health Ministry Sources have said.

Health Minister Dr/Rajitha Senaratne has appointed 13 intellectuals as members of the Board which controlling the National Drug Authority .The Authority is headed by Professor Lal Jayakody and most senior professor Krishantha Weerasuriya has appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Authority.

The National Drug Regulatory Authority Act based on Professor Senaka Bibile's National Drug Policy  passed by the Parliament on 19th of March was implemented with effect from yesterday(01).Under the act Doctors should prescribe Medicinal Drugs for the patients by generic name and Trade name can be used when prescribing special drugs within brackets according to the Health Ministry.

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