Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wife Of The Former Minister Shashi Weerawansha Has Been Arrested For Possessing A Fake Diplomatic Passport

The Wife of the former Minister Of Housing Wimal Weerawansha ,Shashi Weerawansha has been arrested this evening by the Criminals Investigations Department (CID) at a Private Hospital In Malabe(In Colombo) for providing false date of birth details and residence address to obtain  a  Diplomatic Passport.

Shashi Weerawansha has been asked to appear before the CID on 19th of February for the inquiry on the charges leveled against her   but she has failed to do so according to the sources.While stating the reason for his wife's decision to not attending before the CID her husband Wimal Weerawansha has said that she has been admitted to the Malabe Private Hospital to  taking  treatment for an illness.

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