Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fifty Nine HIV/AIDS Positives Have Been Reported From Sri Lanka Between July-September This Year

During the three month period July to September this year 59 HIV/AIDS Positives have been reported from the island according to the Director of the National  STD/AIDS Control Programme Dr.Sisira Liyanage.These HIV Positives are on the age group 25-45 he has said.

With the newly found HIV Positives 169 HIV/AIDS Positives have been reported from Sri Lanka this year up to now Dr.Liyanage has stressed.

The STD/AIDS Control Programme Director has said that due to the increasing number of ex marital affairs among youth and adults most of the HIV Positives reported have got the disease through heterosexual relationships."The STD/AIDS Control Programme has planned to launch a practical awareness programme on HIV/AIDS for the most vulnerable groups who are prone to HIV /AIDS including School Children,High School Students ,Tourist Guides,Beach Boys (Especially In beaches in the Southern Province  and Some beaches in Western Province) and Factory Workers " Dr.Liyanage has said.

Since the  first HIV/AIDS Positive case which  was reported from here on the year 1987 majority of the HIV Positives reported from the  island are males  but now the number of female HIV Positives in the country too are on the  increase STD/AIDS Control Programme has the male to female ratio among HIV Positives here is 3:2.

Around 71 HIV/AIDS infected Infants and Children are currently receiving the treatment for the disease it has been reported.

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