Tuesday, October 7, 2014

One Third Of The Total Number Of Dengue Patients Have Been Reported From Colombo District

One third  of the Total Number of Dengue Patients reported throughout the  Island during last nine months have been reported from Colombo District according to the Sri Lanka Epidemiology Unit.

Approximately 32,101 Dengue Patients have been reported from the island from January this year up to now the Epidemiologists have said. Out of this number 10,583 patients have been reported from Colombo District.The highest number of Dengue Patients which is 6736 patients have been reported in the month of June.During last month(September) 2490 patients have been reported and around 204 dengue patients have reported so far in this Month.

As the Dengue Epidemic is spreading in  most parts of the island these days due to the rainy weather prevails in the country at present  the Epidemiologists have warned the public to clean their houses and gardens  and maintain a dengue mosquito free  environment.

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