Monday, April 22, 2013

Non Availability Of Essential Drugs And Issuing Of Low Quality Drugs Increased The Moratality Rate Of Non Commmunciable Diseases

A large number of  People suffering from non communicable diseases including  Diabetes and coronary heart diseases died in government hospitals due to the shortage of essential drugs and issuing of low quality drugs to them according to medical the majority of essential drugs regularly not available in government hospitals doctors have prescribed patients to buy them in private pharmacies but due to the high cost of living condition in the country majority of these patients are not able to  purchase them specialists said.

As a result the status of their disease become worst and some are dying due to this one of the senior specialists attached to government hospital has said.due to the issuing of some low quality drugs for these patients make the situation worst he has stressed."health authorities should correct this situation and taken steps to supply essential drugs prescribed for non communicable diseases to all government hospitals and ensure that only high quality drugs will issue to the patients through pharmacies he further added.

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