Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All Ceylon Health Services Trade Union Slammed Health Authorities Over Imporing BTI Bacteria

All Ceylon Health Services Trade Union has yesterday (29) slammed Health Authorities over their decision to import BTI Bacteria from Cuba to curb dengue mosquito larvae while a large stock of the said bacteria imported few years ago still remained in the shelves.Around 30,000 mili liters of BTI Bacteria were  imported from Cuba few years back.However only a small amount of them used to destroy dengue mosquito larvae in the country as dengue experts continuously urging  that the bacteria is not the  major weapon on curbing dengue menace .

However last week Ministry Of Health again has decided to import another stock of BTI Bacteria to air spray over dengue mosquito breeding places located in higher buildings withing city of Colombo .while criticizing the said decision the secretary of All Ceylon Health Services Trade Union Gamini Kumarasinha has said that importing BTI Bacteria again while recent stock still available in the country is a total waste of public funds and urged authorities to cancel the said decision.

Also he has requested the health authorities to revealed the real reason behind importing BTI Bacteria to the country at this stage.meanwhile locally developed BTI Bacteria too released to the Dengue Control Programme few years back.

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